Don't Look Back - Brighter [2005]

Country: France
Genre: post-rock

Don't Look Back are post-rock band from France.

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[2005] Brighter

Track List:
01 - Six feet under the ground
02 - Remote all trace
03 - Joyrider
04 - Nothing just happens
05 - Farewell to the bright side
06 - All day long
07 - Dark mobson
08 - 1887 / d.i.y.a.
09 - Kids got shadows in their eyes
10 - Ask the dust

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?d2zg2ylgj3n
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cssc & Jacob Harris - The Ludovico Technique [2009]

Country: USA
Genre: ambient/post-rock

A split EP featuring upbeat idm/post-rock from cssc and a momentous ambient follow-up by Jacob Harris. Brilliantly composed, simultaneously cheerful and somber. Summertime music. (WiseOwlRecords)

Wise Owl Records

[2009] The Ludovico Technique
Track List:
01 - I Must be Numb
02 - A Dream within a Dream
03 - Blighted
04 - Serenade for Lost Leader
05 - Bright Little Things
06 - Soundproof

Link: http://wiseowl.shereallyleft.us/owl48.zip


French Teen Idol - El Siete Es La Luz [2009]

Country: Italy
Genre: ambient, post-rock

French Teen Idol is an instrumental solo-project run by the Roman artist Andrea Di Carlo. An elegant mix of post-rock and electronic influences, French Teen Idol’s music provides the listener with cinematic landscapes, dramatic crescendos and striking vocal samples.

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[2009] El Siete Es La Luz
Track List:
1. Rome Shrugged
2. I Want George Soros
3. War Is Kind
4. Fragile Chords
5. The Constant
6. Last Train To Santiago
7. El Siete Es La Luz
8. Prendre Son Temps

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?zlejj42zrdy
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Maybeshewill — Sing the Word Hope in Four-Part Harmony [2009]

Country: UK
Genre: instrumental post-rock

Maybeshewill is an instrumental rock band from Leicester, United Kingdom whose music is characterised by the use of electronic elements alongside more traditional 'rock' instrumentation. The band's music is also littered with references from film and popular culture.

Official Website: http://www.maybeshewill.net/site/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/maybeshewont
Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Maybeshewill

[2009] Sing the Word Hope in Four-Part Harmony
Track List:
01. You Can’t Shake Hands With a Clenched Fist
02. Co-Conspirators
03. This Time Last Year
04. Accept And Embrace
05. How to Have Sex With a Ghost
06. Our History Will Be What We Make of It
07. Last Time This Year
08. Sing the Word Hope in Four-Part Harmony

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?qjywmzid1yo