Pie are Squared

Thanks to Mohammed from the band for the mail.

Pie are Squared is experimental/post-rock band from egypt. Check out the their debut E.P in band camp.


Thanks to band members for sharing the music.

Mirador are Philadelphia based experimental/post-rock band. Check out their music.


C.U.T.E. - Grade Seperation [Single]

Thanks to Matt and Chris from the band.

Here's the new Single fro Collapse Under the Empire,

Grade Separation:

and here's the new music video for 'The Sirens Sound'


The Fiery Furnaces - Blueberry Boat [2004]

Country: USA
Genre: indie, experimental

The Fiery Furnaces are an inventive and often challenging experimental rock group from Brooklyn, New York.

[2004] Blueberry Boat


01 Quay Cur
02 Straight Street
03 Blueberry Boat
04 Chris Michaels
05 Paw Paw Tree
06 I Lost My Dog
07 Mason City
08 Inspector Blancheflower
09 Spaniolated
10 1917
11 Bird Brain
12 Catamaran Man
13 Wolfnotes