Uitgezonderd - Burning Giraffes At Sea [2010]

Thanks to Jeffrey for e-mail.

Uitgezonderd is an ambient project of Jeffrey from Belgium. According to Jeffrey "This album is a process of hours and hours of working without sleep. Isolated in a room, with just a laptop, guitar and piano. It can be seen as the melancholy of a bitter old man who will die in a few minutes."


[2010] Burning Giraffes At Sea

Julia Set - Demos [2010]

Thanks to Matt from the band for e-mail.

Julia Set are a post rock/sludge/instrumental band from Tampa FL.

Official Blogspot

[2010] Demos

Otto Von Schirach - Maxipad Detention [2006]

Otto Von Schirach is an IDM and breakcore artist from Miami, Florida of Cuban/German descent. His style is more sporadic and noisy than other artists in the genre, and his visual aesthetic leans on the heavy metal side rather than electronic.

Official Website

[2006] Maxipad Detention


Dying Sun - 12212010 [2011]

Thanks to the band member for the mail.

Dying Sun are a post-doom/metal band from Frederick, Maryland, USA. They've recently released their second album for free download. Do support them by checking out their bandcamp and myspace page.


[2011] 12212010


Forge of Clouds - Forge of Clouds [2011]

Thanks to the band member for the email.

Forge of Clouds is a 4-piece collective from Silesia, Poland. Since 2008 they create a unique maelstrom of heavy riffs and musical landscape, inspired by the best of post- and sludge-metal.


[2011] Forge of Clouds

Sleepless Dreams - Euthanasia/Sanctuary Single [2011]

Sleepless Dreams are a post-rock/experimental-rock band from Winchester, UK.

Band Myspace
Bandcamp Page

[2011] Euthanasia/Sanctuary Single