Robbie Charter (The Avalanches) - Triple J- Mix Up

Thanks to Mark Scaramuzzi for the record.

Robbie Charter is a member of electronic outfit The Avalanches from Melbourne, Australia. Here is an original 1 hour FM broadcast recording he did that took to the airwaves the studios of Triple J in Sydney Australia on 22nd June 2002. Samples includes the track from 60's to 200's.

Robbie Charter - Triple J - Mix Up (22nd June 2002)

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MQ7AOX0D


Ill Insanity - Ground Xero [2008]

(R.I.P Roc Raida)

Country: US
Genre: turtablism, hip-hop

Ill Insanity is composed of three members of the turntabilist group, The X-Ecutioners, Rob Swift, Total Eclipse and DJ Precision.


[2008] Ground Xero
Track List:
1. Halftime Intro feat. Eclipse
2. The Prelude
3. P. Bounce feat. Excess
4. 5 Fingers of Death feat. Q-bert
5. Non Verbal Communication feat. Dave McMurry
6. Break Ill
7. Scratch Live feat. Roc Raida
8. Insane Style
9. Ill Insanity
10. Sound Science
11. Soul Train Line (PSA)
12. We Don’t Stop
13. Decorated Vets feat. Dashan
14. Halftime Outro feat. Eclipse

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?zmmj5xmdktm

Soulsavers - Broken [2009]

Country: UK
Genre: electronica, alt. rock

Soulsavers (also known as The Soulsavers Soundsystem) are an English production and remix team comprised of Rich Machin and Ian Glover. The Soulsavers' downtempo electronica sound incorporates influences of rock, gospel, soul, and country. (wiki)


[2009] Broken

Track List:

1. The Seventh Proof
2. Death Bells
3. Unbalanced Pieces
4. You Will Miss Me When I Burn
5. Some Misunderstanding
6. All the Way Down
7. Shadows Fall
8. Can’t Catch the Train
9. Pharaoh’s Chariot
10. Praying Ground
11. Rolling Sky
12. Wise Blood
13. By My Side

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?2hyii51m4l2

Glass America - Redivivus [2009]

(thanks to Jared Deame from the band for the mail)

Country: US
Genre: post-rock

Glass America is a Boston, MA based post-rock band. Check out their new album "Redivivus". It's awesome.


[2009] Redivivus

Track List:

1. We Hung Our Harps
2. ...and then the sun
3. Harbinger (Sought After)
4. If I Forget You O Jerusalem
5. Gomer (Returning Home)
6. A Voice From Behind
7. Sinai
8. The City No Longer Deserted)

Link: http://www.gimmesound.com/glassamerica/index.cfm


Guitar - Tokyo [2006]

Country: German
Genre: electronic, ambient,

Luckner’s enlightened approach to guitar noise is further sweetened by a simple but well-placed peppering of slow breakbeats and the soothing sighs of siren Ayako Akashiba, with guest spots from the likes of Regina of Donna Regina, Voyager One, and Henning Neuser.

Onitor Records

[2006] Tokyo

Track List:

1. Sunday Afternoon at Tamagawa River
2. Naoki
3. Red & White
4. Tokyo Memory
5. Ayako
6. Wash Me Away
7. Akiko
8. Sakura Coming
9. Maki

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?8un2tbsgnhbj3wn

Yoshida Brothers - Tsugaru Shamisen [2008]

Country: Japan
Genre: Tsugaru-jamisen

The Yoshida Kyōdai (吉田兄弟) are Japanese musicians and have released several albums under the Domo Records internationally as the Yoshida Brothers. (wiki)

Official Website

[2008] Best Of Yoshida Brothers: Tsugaru Shamisen

Track List:
  1. Storm
  2. Kodo (Hishou version)
  3. Overland Blues
  4. A Hill With No Name
  5. Modern (Hishou Version)
  6. Saiun
  7. Passion
  8. My Heart Holds
  9. Blooming
  10. Cherry Blossoms in Winter
  11. Kodo (Inside The Sun Remix)
  12. Rising
  13. Morricone
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?jynzwe2z1dd


Music For the Masses Compilation Vol. 1

First compilation for this blog. Enjoy!

Track List:

01 - Groove Armada - Chicago
02 - Thievery corporation - Indra
03 - Lemon Jelly - Tune for Jack
04 - The Avalanches - Electricity
05 - Tortoise - In Sarah, Mencken, Christ, and Beethoven There Were Women and Men
06 - Ulrich Schnauss - Clear Day
07 - Skinny Puppy - haZe
08 - Shpongle - Around The World In A Tea Daze
09 - By the End of Tonight - Ghost Hands
10 - The Go! Team - The Power Is On
11 - Russian Circles - Station
12 - Maserati - Monoliths
13 - If These Trees Could Talk - The Sun is in the North
14 - Irepress - Diaspora
15 - God Is An Astronaut - New Years End
16 - Hualun - Are You Sure to Universe
17 - Emiliana Torrini - Big Jumps
18 - Whitest Boy Alive - Burning
19 - Estradasphere - A Corporate Merger
20 - Fantomas - 4-30-05

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GDJF064F


(Thanks to Martin Steer from the band for the mail)

Country: Germany
Genre: experimental, space rock

pandoras.box is made up of five like-minded, old friends from the sticks of Lower Bavaria. The close ties between the eclectic personalities in this group have given rise to a totally different musical slant – a sound in perpetual search of the perfect equilibrium between a collective consciousness, personal gratification and the expression of higher emotions and ineffable common ideals.

[2009] Barriers
Track List:
01. A Moderate Breeze
02. This Tenderness
03. Golden Spoon
04. Arrows & Bows
05. Next To mine
06. Dolphins & Seaquakes
07. Sight unseen
08. I don..t care
09. City Cultures
10. Chaos Back
11. You
12. Interlude
13. Virtual Sun
14. Minerals

Link: http://pandorasbox.ws/barriers

Remixes and Other: http://pandorasbox.ws/

Video clip for 2nd single "Virtual Sun"


Maserati - Passages [2009]

Country: US
Genre: post-rock

Maserati is a rock band from Athens, Georgia, USA whose sound is best described as post-rock with math, progressive and psychedelic rock influences.

Official Website


[2009] Passages
Track List:
1. Join Us, Mystic Sister
2. No More Sages
3. Monoliths
4. Thieves
5. The World Outside (Thee Loving Hand Remix)
6. Inventions (Justin Van Der Volgen Remix)
7. Monoliths (Steve Moore Remix)
8. Do You Hear The Nightbirds Calling You?

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?rmmygmwizrn

The Whitest Boy Alive - Dreams [2009]

Country: Germany
Genre: dream/indie pop, electronic

The Whitest Boy Alive is a musical group based in Berlin. The band comprises singer/guitarist Erlend Øye, who is also a member of the band Kings of Convenience, bassist Marcin Öz, drummer Sebastian Maschat, and Daniel Nentwig on Rhodes piano and Crumar. Erlend Øye is from Norway, while the rest of the band is German. (Wiki)

Official Website

[2006] Dreams
Track List:
1. Burning
2. Golden Cage
3. Fireworks
4. Done With You
5. Don't Give Up
6. Above You
7. Inflation
8. Figures
9. Borders
10. All Ears

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mmnnzywtnol