Koenjihyakkei - Nivraym (Re-mastered) [2001]

Country: Japan
Genre: Zeuhl

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Koenjihyakkei, is a Japanese Zeuhl band led by Yoshida Tatsuya of Ruins fame. The band released their first (self-titled) album in 1994 with Aki Kubota from Bondage Fruit on vocals and keyboard.

[2001] Nivraym
Track List:
1. Nivraym
2. Becttem Pollt
3. Lussesoggi Zomn
4. Vissqauell
5. Mederro Passquirr
6. Axall Hasck
7. Maschtervoz
8. Gassttrumm
9. Vallczeremdoss

Link: http://lix.in/-482af5


Tipsy - Buzzz [2008]

Country: US
Genre: electronic, lounge, trip-hop

San Francisco duo specialising in avant-garde kitsch, the music consists of modern beats blended with easy listening and lounge music of the 50s and 60s

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[2008] Buzzz
Track List:

01 Midnight Party
02 A Night on the Town
03 Lipstick Tree
04 Sweet Spot
05 Swingin’ Spaceman
06 Chocolate Moon
07 Chop Socky
08 Electric Blue Eyelashes
09 Kitty’s Daydream
10 Kadonka
11 Big Business
12 Good Little Demon
13 See the Beauty, Touch the Magic
14 Wet Rainbow
15 Hot Banana
16 Up ‘til Dawn

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?jzjznwwtwc3