Fort Knox Five - The New Gold Standard [2006]

Country: US
Genre: Electronica, Funk

Fort Knox Five is a Washington, D.C.-based recording artist consisting of Steve Raskin, Jon Horvath, Rob Myers, and Sid Barcelona. They have released their music on their own independent label Fort Knox Recordings. Their music style mixes elements of Funk, Reggae, Hiphop and Electronica. (Wiki)

[2006] The New Gold Standard
Track List:

1. Radio Free DC (The Fort Knox Five Featuring Afrika Bambaataa and King Kamonzi)
2. Blowin Up the Spot (The Fort Knox Five Featuring Akil Baker)
3. The Brazilian Hipster (The Fort Knox Five)
4. Salvador Diaspora (Rex Riddem FK5 Remix Featuring Carlos Scorpiao)
5. Sundaydream (Speedy Consuela)
6. Once Again (The Fort Knox Five Featuring King Kamonzi)
7. The Big Score (The Fort Knox Five)
8. Sukka Suited (Speedy Consuela)
9. Dodge City Rockers (The Fort Knox Five Featuring Mustafa Akbar)
10. Baby Shiva (International Velvet)

Koan - Krav Maga [2009]

Thanks to band representative for the mail.

Koan is an experimental hardcore band from Govinda's valley, Italy.

Check out their new EP entitled Krav Maga.

Track List:

01- Viscera
02- Meredith
03- MDMA
04- Key Words
05- Argilia
06- Ideogramm


Good Weather For An Airstrike - Signals [2009]

Thanks to Chris from Sonic Reverie Records for the mail.

Good Weather For An Airstrike is the solo ambient project of Tom from post-rock band Sleepless Dreams. (last.fm)

Here is the Signal EP. Check out!


Shogun Kunitoki - Vinonaamakasio [2009]

Country: Finland
Genre: Electronic/Instrumental

Shogun Kunitoki is a band from Helsinki, Finland, with a mission to help electronic music regress back to a more human state, the time of the tube organ and the ring modulator, the spring reverb and the test oscillator.

Official Website


[2009] Vinonaamakasio
Track List:

1. Vinonaamakasio
2. Mulberg
3. Riddarholmen
4. Fuzzabeth Crackleby
5. Holvikirkko
6. Corda
7. Svileto
8. Ratalintu
9. Nebulus

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?yjtmymuyzcy



Collapse Under the Empire - Find A Place To Be Safe [2009]

Thanks to Chris & Mate from the band for the mail.

Official Website


Collapse Under The Empire is an instrumental/post-rock band from Hamburg/Germany.

Here's the music video for "Far to the Past" from their new album "Find a Place to be Safe"

[2009] Find a Place to be Safe

Track List:

01 Captured Moments
02 Crawling
03 Find A Place To Be Safe
04 Tranquillity
05 Angle Of Incidence
06 Decay
07 Far To The Past
08 A Smell Of Boiled Greens
09 Intelligence
10 Conscious Of Thirty-Nine
11 Take A Shot On Me

pass: superman110



Loss of a Child - Carry Me Home [2009]

Thanks to Barry from Lost Children Net Label for the mail.

From Archive.org

'Carry Me Home' is the 5th Loss of a Child release and is their most expansive yet, a deeply layered album with flowing and interwoven melodies; contrasting instruments supporting, offsetting, and harmonising with each other and mixed for each to be heard though not necessarily under every listening environment, and certainly not on first listen; experimental through its strict structure and detailed song writing as opposed to the freedom and improvisation of many instrumental acts.




New Century Classics - Natural Process [2009]

Thanks to Dana from the band for the mail.

Country: Poland
Genre: post-rock/experimental

From their MySpace:

New Century Classics was formed in may 2006 by a group of friends and refugees from various parts of the world, centered around a mutual love of good music and the desire to fill their time and their hands with as many instruments as possible. the band consists of two poles, a polish-american and a polish-canadian hybrid, and an italian who's decent at banging on things with sticks. always experimenting, new century classics is constantly acquiring new sounds and new instruments (when they can afford it).

[2009] Natural Process
Track List:

1. Post-Cards
2. Congratulate You, Where?
3. Hedgehog
4. Drift Motion
5. Sandbox Love
6. Children of an Uncertain Future
7. Seven Days
8. Buddha Pilot
9. Fish Went
10. Is
11. A Small Misunderstanding
12. Spiders in the Attic

Download: http://newcenturyclassics.bandcamp.com/

Please, support the Artist!


Painting By Numbers

Thanks to Gregory from the band for the mail.

Gregory Heopffner

From Archive.org

Painting By Numbers has been a recurring project in the head of its architects long before it actually took shape in autumn 2008.

Antoine Ollivier (Dawnshape) and Gregory Hoepffner (Radius System, Time To Burn, Template) always felt their belonging groups didn't let them experiment as much as they wanted. Soon joined by bandmate Axel Dallou (Radius System), the trio didn't ask too many questions and quickly started making noise, in a language they didn't even speak : improvisation.

Here's the Link to their New Ep for free download:




Képzelt Város

Thanks to Máté from the band for the mail.

Képzelt Város is a post-rock band from Hungary. They incorporate guitars, cello, piano and few vocals in their music. Check out their first album for free.

Official Website

Mit Nekem [2009]

Link: http://www.kepzeltvaros.hu/mitnekem.rar


MadLove - White With Foam [2009]

Country: US
Genre: rock/alternative

Citing his long hiatus from writing rock music, Trevor Dunn (Fantomas, Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3) formed the band MadLove with Sunny Kim on lead vocals, Ches Smith on drums, Hilmar Jensson on guitar, and Erik Deutch on keyboard.

Ipecac Recordings
Trevor Dunn

[2009] White With Foam
Track List:
01 - Rats with Wings
02 - Thread
03 - Absence Noise
04 - Dirty
05 - In Love (in Theory)
06 - As Sad as it Was Beautiful
07 - Broke
08 - Left with Nothing
09 - Knowing
10 - The Mute Number
11 - Art of Denial
12 - All the Nerveendings

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?azvwkzytgyd

Metavari - Be One Of Us And Hear No Noise [2009]

Country: US
Genre: post-rock/instrumental

is an American instrumental electronic band composed of Ty Brinneman on bass guitar, Tommy Cutter on acoustic and electric guitars, Andrew McComas on drums, and Nate Utesch on electric guitar and keyboards.

Official Website

[2009] Be One Of Us And Hear No Noise

Track List:
01. Kings Die Like Other Men
02. Shimmer Marina
03. Twilight Over Akaishi
04. The Priest, The Shore And The Wait
05. Be One Of Us And Hear Noise
06. Io, Apollo And The Veil
07. Cerulean
08. Maedchen
09. Story For A Song Without End
10. Pacific Lights

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?j2cemlyzy1y


Popol Vuh - Hosianna Mantra [1972]

Genre: ambient

Popol Vuh is a proto- / band from Germany founded by Florian Fricke in 1970 together with Holger Trulzsch (percussion) and Frank Fiedler (electronics). Other important members during the next two decades included Daniel Fichelscher and Bob Eliscu.


[1972] Hosianna Mantra
Track List:
1 - Ah!
2 - Kyrie
3 - Hosianna - Mantra
4 - Abschied
5 - Segnung
6 - Andacht
7 - Nicht Hoch Im Himmel
8 - Andacht

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mmjnv5wr1yn


Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland [2009]

Official Website

[2009] Ineffable Mysteries From Shpongleland
Track List:
01. Electroplasm [10:12]
02. Shpongolese Spoken Here [6:37]
03. Nothing Is Something Worth Doing [6:24]
04. Ineffable Mysteries [10:25]
05. I Am You [11:36]
06. Invisible Man In A Fluorescent Suit [8:54]
07. No Turn Un-Stoned [8:02]
08. Walking Backwards Thought The Cosmic Mirror [8:13]



The Sumner McKane Group - Nanook [2009]

Country: US
Genre: psychedelic, post-rock, ambient

Sumner Mckane is a guitarist and composer from Maine. He performs both as a solo artist, & as part of ‘The Sumner Mckane Group’ along with bassist Joshua Robbins, and Todd Richard on drums and percussion.

Official Website

[2009] Nanook
Track List:
01 - Looking For Shelter
02 - Making The Window
03 - The Abandoned Igloo
04 - Fishing
05 - Winter
06 - Building The Igloo
07 - Picking Up A Friend , Nanook's Theme
08 - The Ogjuck , Victorious Hunting Theme
09 - Hunting The Walrus , The Kill , Cutting The Walrus
10 - Threatening Drifter

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?1ijmo23yyzm


Sigmoid Argonaut

Thanks to Rick from the band for the mail.

Sigmoid Argonaut is an experimental band from the city of Poulsbo, Washington.


Their New Sigmoid Argonaut EP
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?hiuunrimwtz

Other Stuffs:


Pelican - What We All Come To Need [2009]

Official Website

[2009] What We All Come To Need
Track List:
1) Glimmer
2) The Creeper
3) Ephemeral
4) Specks Of Light
5) Strung Up From The Sky
6) An Inch Above Sand
7) What We All Come To Need
8) Final Breath

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?moqr2yhgohh


Ayurveda - Down the Staircase [2009]

Official Website

[2009] Down the Staircase
Track List:

1. Polyphagia
2. Planck Time
3. God Ain’t
4. 2 Minutes In Heaven
5. Xenocide
6. Happy Little Pills
7. End_Is_Yours
8. Down The Staircase
9. In A Riverbed
10. Leaves
11. Lullabye

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FTEMBE5L


Robbie Charter (The Avalanches) - Triple J- Mix Up

Thanks to Mark Scaramuzzi for the record.

Robbie Charter is a member of electronic outfit The Avalanches from Melbourne, Australia. Here is an original 1 hour FM broadcast recording he did that took to the airwaves the studios of Triple J in Sydney Australia on 22nd June 2002. Samples includes the track from 60's to 200's.

Robbie Charter - Triple J - Mix Up (22nd June 2002)

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MQ7AOX0D


Ill Insanity - Ground Xero [2008]

(R.I.P Roc Raida)

Country: US
Genre: turtablism, hip-hop

Ill Insanity is composed of three members of the turntabilist group, The X-Ecutioners, Rob Swift, Total Eclipse and DJ Precision.


[2008] Ground Xero
Track List:
1. Halftime Intro feat. Eclipse
2. The Prelude
3. P. Bounce feat. Excess
4. 5 Fingers of Death feat. Q-bert
5. Non Verbal Communication feat. Dave McMurry
6. Break Ill
7. Scratch Live feat. Roc Raida
8. Insane Style
9. Ill Insanity
10. Sound Science
11. Soul Train Line (PSA)
12. We Don’t Stop
13. Decorated Vets feat. Dashan
14. Halftime Outro feat. Eclipse

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?zmmj5xmdktm

Soulsavers - Broken [2009]

Country: UK
Genre: electronica, alt. rock

Soulsavers (also known as The Soulsavers Soundsystem) are an English production and remix team comprised of Rich Machin and Ian Glover. The Soulsavers' downtempo electronica sound incorporates influences of rock, gospel, soul, and country. (wiki)


[2009] Broken

Track List:

1. The Seventh Proof
2. Death Bells
3. Unbalanced Pieces
4. You Will Miss Me When I Burn
5. Some Misunderstanding
6. All the Way Down
7. Shadows Fall
8. Can’t Catch the Train
9. Pharaoh’s Chariot
10. Praying Ground
11. Rolling Sky
12. Wise Blood
13. By My Side

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?2hyii51m4l2

Glass America - Redivivus [2009]

(thanks to Jared Deame from the band for the mail)

Country: US
Genre: post-rock

Glass America is a Boston, MA based post-rock band. Check out their new album "Redivivus". It's awesome.


[2009] Redivivus

Track List:

1. We Hung Our Harps
2. ...and then the sun
3. Harbinger (Sought After)
4. If I Forget You O Jerusalem
5. Gomer (Returning Home)
6. A Voice From Behind
7. Sinai
8. The City No Longer Deserted)

Link: http://www.gimmesound.com/glassamerica/index.cfm


Guitar - Tokyo [2006]

Country: German
Genre: electronic, ambient,

Luckner’s enlightened approach to guitar noise is further sweetened by a simple but well-placed peppering of slow breakbeats and the soothing sighs of siren Ayako Akashiba, with guest spots from the likes of Regina of Donna Regina, Voyager One, and Henning Neuser.

Onitor Records

[2006] Tokyo

Track List:

1. Sunday Afternoon at Tamagawa River
2. Naoki
3. Red & White
4. Tokyo Memory
5. Ayako
6. Wash Me Away
7. Akiko
8. Sakura Coming
9. Maki

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?8un2tbsgnhbj3wn

Yoshida Brothers - Tsugaru Shamisen [2008]

Country: Japan
Genre: Tsugaru-jamisen

The Yoshida Kyōdai (吉田兄弟) are Japanese musicians and have released several albums under the Domo Records internationally as the Yoshida Brothers. (wiki)

Official Website

[2008] Best Of Yoshida Brothers: Tsugaru Shamisen

Track List:
  1. Storm
  2. Kodo (Hishou version)
  3. Overland Blues
  4. A Hill With No Name
  5. Modern (Hishou Version)
  6. Saiun
  7. Passion
  8. My Heart Holds
  9. Blooming
  10. Cherry Blossoms in Winter
  11. Kodo (Inside The Sun Remix)
  12. Rising
  13. Morricone
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?jynzwe2z1dd


Music For the Masses Compilation Vol. 1

First compilation for this blog. Enjoy!

Track List:

01 - Groove Armada - Chicago
02 - Thievery corporation - Indra
03 - Lemon Jelly - Tune for Jack
04 - The Avalanches - Electricity
05 - Tortoise - In Sarah, Mencken, Christ, and Beethoven There Were Women and Men
06 - Ulrich Schnauss - Clear Day
07 - Skinny Puppy - haZe
08 - Shpongle - Around The World In A Tea Daze
09 - By the End of Tonight - Ghost Hands
10 - The Go! Team - The Power Is On
11 - Russian Circles - Station
12 - Maserati - Monoliths
13 - If These Trees Could Talk - The Sun is in the North
14 - Irepress - Diaspora
15 - God Is An Astronaut - New Years End
16 - Hualun - Are You Sure to Universe
17 - Emiliana Torrini - Big Jumps
18 - Whitest Boy Alive - Burning
19 - Estradasphere - A Corporate Merger
20 - Fantomas - 4-30-05

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GDJF064F


(Thanks to Martin Steer from the band for the mail)

Country: Germany
Genre: experimental, space rock

pandoras.box is made up of five like-minded, old friends from the sticks of Lower Bavaria. The close ties between the eclectic personalities in this group have given rise to a totally different musical slant – a sound in perpetual search of the perfect equilibrium between a collective consciousness, personal gratification and the expression of higher emotions and ineffable common ideals.

[2009] Barriers
Track List:
01. A Moderate Breeze
02. This Tenderness
03. Golden Spoon
04. Arrows & Bows
05. Next To mine
06. Dolphins & Seaquakes
07. Sight unseen
08. I don..t care
09. City Cultures
10. Chaos Back
11. You
12. Interlude
13. Virtual Sun
14. Minerals

Link: http://pandorasbox.ws/barriers

Remixes and Other: http://pandorasbox.ws/

Video clip for 2nd single "Virtual Sun"


Maserati - Passages [2009]

Country: US
Genre: post-rock

Maserati is a rock band from Athens, Georgia, USA whose sound is best described as post-rock with math, progressive and psychedelic rock influences.

Official Website


[2009] Passages
Track List:
1. Join Us, Mystic Sister
2. No More Sages
3. Monoliths
4. Thieves
5. The World Outside (Thee Loving Hand Remix)
6. Inventions (Justin Van Der Volgen Remix)
7. Monoliths (Steve Moore Remix)
8. Do You Hear The Nightbirds Calling You?

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?rmmygmwizrn

The Whitest Boy Alive - Dreams [2009]

Country: Germany
Genre: dream/indie pop, electronic

The Whitest Boy Alive is a musical group based in Berlin. The band comprises singer/guitarist Erlend Øye, who is also a member of the band Kings of Convenience, bassist Marcin Öz, drummer Sebastian Maschat, and Daniel Nentwig on Rhodes piano and Crumar. Erlend Øye is from Norway, while the rest of the band is German. (Wiki)

Official Website

[2006] Dreams
Track List:
1. Burning
2. Golden Cage
3. Fireworks
4. Done With You
5. Don't Give Up
6. Above You
7. Inflation
8. Figures
9. Borders
10. All Ears

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mmnnzywtnol


Nostros Los Otros

Thanks to the NLO representative for the mail.

Nostros Los Ostros (We the Others) is an independent net label from Puerto Rico making free music. Here is the two new preoduction from their artists.

NLO MySpace

Deva MySpace
Madrugao MySpace


Lali Puna - Faking the Books [2004]

Country: Germany
Genre: indietronica, electronic

Lali Puna are from Weilheim, Bavaria, Germany. The band was brought to life in early 1998 by Valerie Trebeljahr who sings and plays keyboards. (last.fm)

Official Website

[2004] Faking the Books
Track List:
1. Faking The Books
2. Call 1-800-FEAR
3. Micronomic
4. Small Things
5. B-Movie
6. People I Know
7. Grin And Bear
8. Geography-5
9. Left Handed
10. Alienation
11. Crawling By Numbers

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?mmd2kzt03zy


De Juepuchas - Ser De Juepuchas Varios Años [2009]

Thanks to Diego from the band for the mail.

De Juepuchas is a solo project from Diego Maldonado from Colombia. According to Diego "the project kind of resembles Girl Talk, The Avalanches, Daft Punk, Plastilina Mosh, M.I.S..."


Enjoy his new album!

[2009] Ser De Juepuchas Varios Años

Track List:
1. Intro
2. Domingo en la Noche
3. Domingo en la Mañana
4. El Minuto del Centauro
5. Te Estoy Queriendo cada Día Más
6. El Ritmo de /la Cocina/ el Teléfono/ el Radio
7. Música para Ejecutivos
8. La Internacionalización del Helado
9. Juepucha!
10. Estrella Neón Fuxia
11. Quinito e(n) Islandia
12. Bombértnico
13. Interlude & Melodía
14. Madre e Hijo
15. Lobo del Aire, Farmlópez, Cabra.
16. San Pueblito
17. Alicia, Oruga o Chaman.
18. El Último Viaje
19. La Condición Humana

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?dt2yzm3gwlu


All India Radio - Echo Other [2006]

Country: Australia
Genre: down tempo, ambient

All India Radio are an Australian electronic band. The music is lo-fi, down tempo and instrumental. (Wiki)

Official Website

[2006] Echo Other
Track List:

01 - Tropic Of Unicorn
02 - Four Three
03 - The Time
04 - Sunshine Briefly
05 - Elizabethland
06 - The Quiet Ambient
07 - Song In C
08 - Mixcola
09 - Ghost Dirt
10 - Whistle
11 - Echo Other
12 - Endless Highway

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?zyuzmg2wzmd


Bitter:Sweet - The Mating Game [2006]

Country: US
Genre: trip hop

Bitter:Sweet is an electronic/trip-hop duo with jazz-like qualities from Los Angeles. The band is composed of Shana Halligan, who provides vocals and lyrics and composes the songs, and Kiran Shahani, who produces and composes the songs.

Official Website

[2006] The Mating Game
Track List:
  1. Don't Forget to Breathe
  2. The Mating Game
  3. Overdue
  4. Heaven
  5. Bittersweet Faith
  6. Moving Forward
  7. Moody
  8. Dirty Laundry
  9. Our Remains
  10. Salty Air
  11. Take 2 Blue
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?tyzog4tznnd


Beats Antique - Tribal Derivations [2007]

Beats Antique creates a definitive union between the old and new. Tribal Derivations is centred in Middle Eastern bellydance, down tempo hip hop, old school jazz, classical Indian and North African Gnawa music. (last.fm)

[2007] Tribal Derivations
Track List:
1. Battle
2. The Lantern
3. Tabla Toy
4. Rabat
5. Slow
6. Derivation
7. Trinkit
8. Break Me
9. Nau-Ashta
10. Intertwine
11. Relic
12. Discovered

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?lf10zmitecx


Radius System - Escape / Restart [2008]

Thanks to Greg from the band for the mail.

info: Torn between a desire for effectiveness and a need for experimentation, Radius system evolves towards a sound melting down hi-distorted rock, electronica, and the wide sonic spaces of post-hardcore. (last.fm)

Official Website

[2008] Escape/Restart

1.Release Chemicals
4.Mental Guides
5.Impulsion Pt.1
6.Into Orbit
7.Impulsion Pt.2
8.Not Coming back

Link: http://www.archive.org/details/LostChildren046


Ayurveda - VEDA EP [2009]

Band info already mentioned in some post earlier. Visit their site from the link to the right. Listen to their brand new Ep for free. It's great.

Track List:
1. Army of Me (Bjork cover)
2. Climbing up the Walls (Radiohead cover)
3. Polyphagia
4. Down the Staircase
5. Taxman (Beatles cover)


Being LP (2008) :

Self-titled EP (2006) :


The Young Gods - Knock On Wood [2008]

Country: Switzerland
Genre: acoustic/industrial

The Young Gods (TYG) is a Swiss Industrial music band. The band's lineup has generally consisted of a vocalist, a sampler operator and a drummer. Their instrumentation often includes sampled electric guitars, drums, keyboards, and other samples. The lyrics are a mix of English, French and a bit of German.

Official Website

[2008] Knock On Wood: The Acoustic Sessions
Track List:
1. Our House
2. I'm The Drug
3. Everythere
4. Gasoline Man
5. Speak Low (Nash/Weill)
6. Charlotte
7. Ghost Rider (Suicide)
8. Longue Route
9. She Rains
10. Freedom (Richie Havens)
11. Skinflowers

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?yjkrwzmjm9m
unlock pass: ichosemusic


Goon Moon - Licker's Last Leg [2007]

Country: US
Genre: rock/experimental

Goon Moon is an American rock band comprised of Jeordie White (also known as Twiggy Ramirez from Marilyn Manson), Zach Hill, and Chris Goss.


[2007] Licker's Last Leg
Track List:
  1. Apple Pie
  2. My Machine
  3. An Autumn That Came Too Soon
  4. Feel Like This
  5. Pin Eyed Boy
  6. Hardcore Q3
  7. Tip Toe
  8. Every Christian Lion Hearted Man Will Show You (Bee Gee's cover)
  9. Lay Down
  10. Balloon?
  11. The Golden Ball
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?wwmvnynj0gt
unlock pass: ichosemusic


Dhafer Youssef - Electric Sufi [2002]

Country: Tunisia
Genre: sufi, jazz fusion

Dhafer Youssef is a composer, vocalist, and oud player. He has been living and working in various European countries since 1990. During this time he had the opportunity to perform his music on stages in Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and other countries as well as his native Tunisia (where he started singing in the Islamic tradition at age 5). (wiki)

Official Website

[2002] Electric Sufi
Track List:
1. Mandakini
2. Yabay
3. Electric Sufi
4. Oil on Water
5. La Prière De L'absent
6. Man of Wool
7. La Nuit Sacrée
8. Nouba
9. Farha
10. Nafha
11. Al-Hallaj
12. Suraj
13. Langue Muette

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?dxdwi4eynxy
unlock pass: ichosemusic


Don't Look Back - Brighter [2005]

Country: France
Genre: post-rock

Don't Look Back are post-rock band from France.

Official Website


[2005] Brighter

Track List:
01 - Six feet under the ground
02 - Remote all trace
03 - Joyrider
04 - Nothing just happens
05 - Farewell to the bright side
06 - All day long
07 - Dark mobson
08 - 1887 / d.i.y.a.
09 - Kids got shadows in their eyes
10 - Ask the dust

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?d2zg2ylgj3n
unlock pass: ichosemusic


cssc & Jacob Harris - The Ludovico Technique [2009]

Country: USA
Genre: ambient/post-rock

A split EP featuring upbeat idm/post-rock from cssc and a momentous ambient follow-up by Jacob Harris. Brilliantly composed, simultaneously cheerful and somber. Summertime music. (WiseOwlRecords)

Wise Owl Records

[2009] The Ludovico Technique
Track List:
01 - I Must be Numb
02 - A Dream within a Dream
03 - Blighted
04 - Serenade for Lost Leader
05 - Bright Little Things
06 - Soundproof

Link: http://wiseowl.shereallyleft.us/owl48.zip


French Teen Idol - El Siete Es La Luz [2009]

Country: Italy
Genre: ambient, post-rock

French Teen Idol is an instrumental solo-project run by the Roman artist Andrea Di Carlo. An elegant mix of post-rock and electronic influences, French Teen Idol’s music provides the listener with cinematic landscapes, dramatic crescendos and striking vocal samples.

Official Website


[2009] El Siete Es La Luz
Track List:
1. Rome Shrugged
2. I Want George Soros
3. War Is Kind
4. Fragile Chords
5. The Constant
6. Last Train To Santiago
7. El Siete Es La Luz
8. Prendre Son Temps

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?zlejj42zrdy
pass: ichosemusic


Maybeshewill — Sing the Word Hope in Four-Part Harmony [2009]

Country: UK
Genre: instrumental post-rock

Maybeshewill is an instrumental rock band from Leicester, United Kingdom whose music is characterised by the use of electronic elements alongside more traditional 'rock' instrumentation. The band's music is also littered with references from film and popular culture.

Official Website: http://www.maybeshewill.net/site/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/maybeshewont
Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/Maybeshewill

[2009] Sing the Word Hope in Four-Part Harmony
Track List:
01. You Can’t Shake Hands With a Clenched Fist
02. Co-Conspirators
03. This Time Last Year
04. Accept And Embrace
05. How to Have Sex With a Ghost
06. Our History Will Be What We Make of It
07. Last Time This Year
08. Sing the Word Hope in Four-Part Harmony

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?qjywmzid1yo


Koenjihyakkei - Nivraym (Re-mastered) [2001]

Country: Japan
Genre: Zeuhl

Skin Graft Records
Yoshida Tatsuya MySpace

Koenjihyakkei, is a Japanese Zeuhl band led by Yoshida Tatsuya of Ruins fame. The band released their first (self-titled) album in 1994 with Aki Kubota from Bondage Fruit on vocals and keyboard.

[2001] Nivraym
Track List:
1. Nivraym
2. Becttem Pollt
3. Lussesoggi Zomn
4. Vissqauell
5. Mederro Passquirr
6. Axall Hasck
7. Maschtervoz
8. Gassttrumm
9. Vallczeremdoss

Link: http://lix.in/-482af5


Tipsy - Buzzz [2008]

Country: US
Genre: electronic, lounge, trip-hop

San Francisco duo specialising in avant-garde kitsch, the music consists of modern beats blended with easy listening and lounge music of the 50s and 60s

Official Website

[2008] Buzzz
Track List:

01 Midnight Party
02 A Night on the Town
03 Lipstick Tree
04 Sweet Spot
05 Swingin’ Spaceman
06 Chocolate Moon
07 Chop Socky
08 Electric Blue Eyelashes
09 Kitty’s Daydream
10 Kadonka
11 Big Business
12 Good Little Demon
13 See the Beauty, Touch the Magic
14 Wet Rainbow
15 Hot Banana
16 Up ‘til Dawn

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?jzjznwwtwc3


Ender - Ender [2009]

Country: New Zealand
Genre: Drone/Ambient Rock

Dark Room Recordings

“Ender describe themselves as experimental drone rock - which means their palette is mainly comprised of layered slabs of overdriven guitar…the pair have the capacity not only to construct great caverns of noise but to deftly evoke mood and emotion with sustained tones in harmony and dissonance. The arrangement of pure tone, minus premeditated riffs or the focus of a voice allows a listener to be carried away on its waveforms. The music is corralled into four unnamed parts, perhaps heralding a seasonal life cycle.” - NZ Musician Magazine

[2009] Ender
Track List:
1. Part 1
2. Part 2
3. Part 3
4. Part 4



Esoteric - Serve or Suffer [2009]

Country: US
Genre: underground hip-hop

7L & Esoteric (7LES) formed in 1992 when Esoteric (Known at the time as Seamus the God Awful) DJed a hip-hop show at a college radio station north of Boston. 7L, a DJ and producer who listened to the show, contacted Esoteric in the interest of collaborating.

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[2009] Serve or Suffer
Track List:
1. Yellow Beat
2. Shay's Rebellion
3. Shalla Bal
4. Moogie Howser, MC
5. 1989
6. Whole House Freeze
7. Hal Jordan
8. Swords to a Fistfight
9. Let the Leo Out
10. Steve Rogers
11. Silence Is Golden
12. Swing It Baby
13. Goblin's Horse Tranquilizer
14. Hero's Plight
15. Hot Punk
16. Galactus Trilogy
17. Vermont For Nothing
18. Basement B/W Comics
19. Go Ask Malice
20. Time Is Running Out
21. One Day As A Ryan, 10.4.08
22. Milk, Milk
23. Boba Fett Thrills Me Still

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?yjmmwwzjnm2


Long Distance Calling - Avoid the Light [2009]

Country; Germany
Genre: post-rock

Long Distance Calling is a german post-rock band based in Münster, Germany. They played their first show, simultaneous the release show of their first album ‘DMNSTRTN’, in late september 2006.


[2009] Avoid the Light
Track List:
01. Apparitions
02. Black Paper Planes
03. 359
04. I Know You, Stanley Milgram!
05. The Nearing Grave (feat. Jonas Renkse)
06. Sundown Highway

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?3totxwemyjf

RJD2 - Deadringer [2002]

Country: US
Genre: instrumental hip hop/electronic

RJD2 is Ramble John Krohn, a hip-hop producer. RJD2 was born in Eugene, Oregon, and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Until recently, he was part of the Definitive Jux label and produced tracks for many of its artists, as well as having a solo career.

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[2002] Deadringer
Track List:
1. The Horror
2. Salud
3. Smoke and Mirrors
4. Good Times Roll PT.2
5. Final Frontier
6. Ghostwriter
7. Cut Out to Fl
8. F.H.H.
9. Shot In the Dark
10. Chicken-Bone Circuit
11. The Proxy
12. 2 More Dead
13. Take the Picture Off
14. Silver Fox
15. June
16. Work

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?nmzvimgkjyy


Estradasphere - Palace of Mirrors [2006]

Country: US
Genre: avant-garde, experimental rock

Formed in Santa Cruz, California in 1998, Estradasphere’s approach to music blurs the lines between traditional and experimental forms with a provocative mix of composition and improvisation.

Official Website

[2006] Palace of Mirrors

Track List:
1. Title
2. Palace Of Mirrors
3. A Corporate Merger
4. The Terrible Beautypower Of Meow
5. Colossal Risk
6. The Unfolding Pause On The Threshold
7. Smuggled Mutation
8. Six Hands
9. The Debutante
10. Flower Garden Of An Evil Man
11. Those Who Know...
12. Palace Of Mirrors Reprise
13. The Return

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?memtzimnzlo


Country: US
Genre: trip hop, down tempo

Lovage is a one-off project headed by Dan the Automator under his alias “Nathaniel Merriweather” (a persona he created for the project Handsome Boy Modeling School). The album is called Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By, which was a collaboration with Mike Patton and Jennifer Charles (singer with Elysian Fields), who both provide vocals.


[2001] Music to Make Love to Yor Old Lady By
Track List:
1. Ladies Love Chest Rockwell
2. Pit Stop (Take Me Home)
3. Anger Management
4. Everyone Has A Summer
5. To Catch A Thief
6. Lies And Alibis
7. Herbs, Good Hygiene & Socks
8. Book Of The Month
9. Lifeboat
10. Strangers On A Train
11. Lovage (Love That Lovage, Baby)
12. Sex (I'm A)
13. Koala's Lament
14. Tea Time With Maseo
15. Stroker Ace
16. Archie & Veronica

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?hyznwhhojdk

[2001] Music to Make to Your Old Lady By [Instrumental Version]
Track List:
1. Pit Stop (Take Me Home)
2. Anger Management
3. To Catch A Thief
4. Book Of The Month
5. Lifeboat (Officer And A Gentleman)
6. Strangers On A Train
7. Sex (I'm A)
8. Stroker Ace
9. Archie & Veronika
10. Lies & Alibis
11. Koala's Lament
12. Everyone Has A Summer

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ijtm1yljwm1


CSSC - Hope So, Know So EP [2009]

Country: US
Genre: electronica/post-rock

CSSC is a one man electronic project of Erik Rodriguez. The music is created with FL Studio. Check out the new EP, Hope So Know So.


[2009] Hope So, No So
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ndrzlnf23uj
Or, http://rapidshare.com/files/220611688/Hope_So__Know_So.zip