Lungfish - Artificial Horizon [1997]

Now operating in its 20th year, Lungfish is a progressive punk band based in Baltimore, Maryland. Lungfish remains one of the most intense, strange, and dedicated bands in the music world, constantly repeating similar ideas over and over.(Last.fm)

Dischord Records

[1997] Artificial Horizon


Phurpa - Trowo Phurnag Ceremony [2008]

Founded and led by Alexei Tegin, Moscow based Phurpa are a five-man Tibetan monastic choir that takes Tantric rgyud-skad throat singing to the next level: down into the dark world of Russian basso profundo. (Dan Warburton)

Official Site

[2008] Trowo Phurnag Ceremony

The Skull Defekts - Blood Spirits & Drums are Singing [2007]

The Skull Defekts is a two-headed beast from Sweden. One for hypnotic rock and one for experimental electronics. The band has been compared to Can, Wolf Eyes, Wire, Shellac and beyond. (last.fm)

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[2007] Blood Spirits & Drums are Singing