Rosa Parks - Black Is The Color of Bondage, Blue Is The Past EP [2010]

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Rosa Parks is a Hungarian post-rock band from Győr. They play instrumental music with strong post-rock influence.


[2010] Black Is The Color of Bondage, Blue Is The Past


Earth - A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction (Compilation) [2010]

Earth is an American musical group based in Seattle, Washington, formed in 1989 and led by guitarist Dylan Carlson. Earth's music is mostly instrumental, and can be divided into two distinct stages. Their early work grew out of the Seattle-area grunge scene and is recognized as pioneering the genre of drone doom — an experimental offshoot of doom metal, characterized by droning, minimalist, lengthy, and repetitive structures. [wiki]

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[2010] A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction


Good Weather For An Airstrike - A Winter EP [2011]

Much like previous releases by Good Weather For An Airstrike, A Winter’s main goal is to create a set of easy listening tracks in which to help induce sleep, the reason behind this is due to Tom suffering from tinnitus which causes a ringing sensation in the ears which can often lead to difficulties sleeping. (Official Press Release)

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[2011] Winter

Dhafer Youssef - Abu Nawas Rhapsody [2010]

Dhafer Youssef is a composer, vocalist, and oud player. He has been living and working in various European countries since 1990. During this time he had the opportunity to perform his music on stages in Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and other countries as well as his native Tunisia (where he started singing in the Islamic tradition at age 5). (wiki)

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[2010] Abu Nawas Rhapsody
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Steve Reich - Four Organs [1970] + Music For 18 Musicians [1976] + The Desert Music [1984]

Stephen Michael Reich (born October 3, 1936) is an American composer. He is a pioneer of minimalism, although his music has increasingly deviated from a purely minimalist style. Reich’s innovations include using tape loops to create phasing patterns and the use of simple, audible processes to explore musical concepts . [Wiki]

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[1970] Four Organs : Phase Patterns

[1976] Music For 18 Musicians

Woob - 1194 [1994] + 4495 [1995] + Paradigm Flux [2010]

Woob is the stage name of British soundtrack, ambient-dub musician Paul Frankland.
He first came to the attention of the musical community after releasing the self titled Woob album on Time Recording’s new downtempo label Em:t, which many regard as a milestone ambient release. [wiki]

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[1994] 1194

Grotus - Brown [1991] + Slow Motion Apocalypse [1993]

Grotus was an experimental, politically charged rock band from San Francisco, California, active from 1989 to 1996. Their unique sound incorporated industrial rock, sampled ethnic instruments, two drummers, two bassists, and angry but humorous lyrics. Their shows included large projected videos sequenced with the songs, and could almost qualify as performance art, with the singer channeling any number of hideous figures involved in the subjects of the songs.

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[1993] Slow Motion Apocalypse
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Yellow Swans - Going Place [2010]

Formed in 2001 in Portland, Oregon, Yellow Swans played a constantly evolving mass of psychedelic noise that is both physically arresting and psychically liberating. Their music is powerful rendering of free rock, black electronics, and white light vibrations. Consisting of Pete Swanson (vocals, drum machine, and electronics) and Gabriel Mindel Saloman (guitars, feedback, electronics), Yellow Swans created a dense ocean of sound using various analog and digital machines, all locked in a spiraling web of feedback. (last.fm)

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[2010] Going Places

die kreuzen - die kreuzen [1984]

Formed in Milwaukee, WI, in the early '80s, die kreuzen took equal parts of heavy metal and hardcore punk as its inspiration, producing some of the more challenging indie rock of the period and in many ways anticipating the grunge rock sound of the '90s. (allmusic)


[1984] die reuzen

The Deserts Of Träun - Part III - The Lilac Moon [2003]

The Deserts Of Träun: A musical adventure allying the use of Jazz, Funk, Classical, Black/Death Metal, Rock, Fusion, World, Video Game, and Electronic Music to sonically describe settings, character personalities, and events to an original science fiction comic book epic. The music is reflectively dynamic and complex, sad and glad, frightening and courageous. “The Deserts of Träun is story telling through the medium of modern music.” (Last.fm)

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[2003] Part III - The Lilac Moon