Rosa Parks - Black Is The Color of Bondage, Blue Is The Past EP [2010]

Thanks to Gergő from the band for e-mail.

Rosa Parks is a Hungarian post-rock band from Győr. They play instrumental music with strong post-rock influence.


[2010] Black Is The Color of Bondage, Blue Is The Past


Earth - A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction (Compilation) [2010]

Earth is an American musical group based in Seattle, Washington, formed in 1989 and led by guitarist Dylan Carlson. Earth's music is mostly instrumental, and can be divided into two distinct stages. Their early work grew out of the Seattle-area grunge scene and is recognized as pioneering the genre of drone doom — an experimental offshoot of doom metal, characterized by droning, minimalist, lengthy, and repetitive structures. [wiki]

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[2010] A Bureaucratic Desire For Extra-Capsular Extraction


Good Weather For An Airstrike - A Winter EP [2011]

Much like previous releases by Good Weather For An Airstrike, A Winter’s main goal is to create a set of easy listening tracks in which to help induce sleep, the reason behind this is due to Tom suffering from tinnitus which causes a ringing sensation in the ears which can often lead to difficulties sleeping. (Official Press Release)

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[2011] Winter

Dhafer Youssef - Abu Nawas Rhapsody [2010]

Dhafer Youssef is a composer, vocalist, and oud player. He has been living and working in various European countries since 1990. During this time he had the opportunity to perform his music on stages in Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and other countries as well as his native Tunisia (where he started singing in the Islamic tradition at age 5). (wiki)

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[2010] Abu Nawas Rhapsody
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?2x31h4nv7iub8f4


Steve Reich - Four Organs [1970] + Music For 18 Musicians [1976] + The Desert Music [1984]

Stephen Michael Reich (born October 3, 1936) is an American composer. He is a pioneer of minimalism, although his music has increasingly deviated from a purely minimalist style. Reich’s innovations include using tape loops to create phasing patterns and the use of simple, audible processes to explore musical concepts . [Wiki]

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[1970] Four Organs : Phase Patterns

[1976] Music For 18 Musicians

Woob - 1194 [1994] + 4495 [1995] + Paradigm Flux [2010]

Woob is the stage name of British soundtrack, ambient-dub musician Paul Frankland.
He first came to the attention of the musical community after releasing the self titled Woob album on Time Recording’s new downtempo label Em:t, which many regard as a milestone ambient release. [wiki]

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[1994] 1194

Grotus - Brown [1991] + Slow Motion Apocalypse [1993]

Grotus was an experimental, politically charged rock band from San Francisco, California, active from 1989 to 1996. Their unique sound incorporated industrial rock, sampled ethnic instruments, two drummers, two bassists, and angry but humorous lyrics. Their shows included large projected videos sequenced with the songs, and could almost qualify as performance art, with the singer channeling any number of hideous figures involved in the subjects of the songs.

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[1993] Slow Motion Apocalypse
Link(Both Included) : http://www.mediafire.com/?j6sum3uijf5d14u

Yellow Swans - Going Place [2010]

Formed in 2001 in Portland, Oregon, Yellow Swans played a constantly evolving mass of psychedelic noise that is both physically arresting and psychically liberating. Their music is powerful rendering of free rock, black electronics, and white light vibrations. Consisting of Pete Swanson (vocals, drum machine, and electronics) and Gabriel Mindel Saloman (guitars, feedback, electronics), Yellow Swans created a dense ocean of sound using various analog and digital machines, all locked in a spiraling web of feedback. (last.fm)

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[2010] Going Places

die kreuzen - die kreuzen [1984]

Formed in Milwaukee, WI, in the early '80s, die kreuzen took equal parts of heavy metal and hardcore punk as its inspiration, producing some of the more challenging indie rock of the period and in many ways anticipating the grunge rock sound of the '90s. (allmusic)


[1984] die reuzen

The Deserts Of Träun - Part III - The Lilac Moon [2003]

The Deserts Of Träun: A musical adventure allying the use of Jazz, Funk, Classical, Black/Death Metal, Rock, Fusion, World, Video Game, and Electronic Music to sonically describe settings, character personalities, and events to an original science fiction comic book epic. The music is reflectively dynamic and complex, sad and glad, frightening and courageous. “The Deserts of Träun is story telling through the medium of modern music.” (Last.fm)

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[2003] Part III - The Lilac Moon


Oathless - Standing Where Our Paths Shall Meet [2010]

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When Oathless was initially conceived as an acoustic folk effort in late 2006 by Simon Housley, the current sound associated with the project that has constantly evolved in the past four years would have been hard to imagine with the raw and simplistic sound that once existed. “Standing Where Our Paths Shall Meet” is an ambient release of much more sophistication and quality than the original three-track demo released in 2007. (As on Press Release)

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[2010] Standing Where Our Paths Shall Meet


[Listen] Neil Milton - Elements [2010]

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Neil Milton is a modern classical musician from Warsaw. "Neil's music is a glacial snowdrift of ambient soundscapes and haunting, elegant modern-classical compositions. It sounds like Ólafur Arnalds and Jóhann Jóhannsson conspiring in secret with Jónsi & Alex and Library Tapes and draws further influences from Sigur rós, Mogwai, Arvo Pärt and Fryderyk Chopin." from myspace

too many fireworks record


(aura) - Invisible Landscape [2010]

(aura) is a Portuguese avantgarde musical project signed with Valse Sinistre Productions.

Invisible landscape - the debut album - is a conceptual work, an imaginary soundtrack that traces the story created by 10 pictures by the Portuguese photographer, José Ramos. It’s an experimental project that extends itself through innumerous musical styles: from Classical music to Post Rock, going through soundscapes, electronica, etc…(Last.fm)


2010 - Invisible Landscape

...And The Earth Swarmed With Them - The Fading Voice Of The Old Era Speaks To Us, But Where Are The Ears Left To Hear It

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…And The Earth Swarmed With Them is the project of Mitchell Johns & Kat Stanbridge.

They were recently joined in the studio by Ted Parsons (Jesu, Godflesh & Ex-Swans member) for their latest EP “The Fading Voice Of The Old Era Speaks To Us, But Where Are The Ears Left To Hear It?”. (Last.fm)

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[2010] The Fading Voice Of The Old Era Speaks To Us, But Where Are The Ears Left To Hear It

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=H3GPBD11


The Body - All The Waters of Earth Turn to Blood [2010]

The Body is a two-piece sludge metal band based in Providence, RI, USA (formed in 1999), with heavy, low riffs, high-pitched screaming vocals, and occasional samples.


[2010] All The Waters of Earth Turn to Blood
Link removed upon request.


Phoning It In - A Hydra Head Sampler [2010]

Hydra Head Records is an independent record label which specializes in heavy metal music, founded in New Mexico by Aaron Turner (the frontman of Isis) in 1993.

Hydra Head Official Site

[2010] Phoning It In: A Hydra Head Sampler
Track List:
  1. Oxbow + Philippe Thiphaine - "Coalking" From Songs for the French
  2. Daughters - "The First Supper" From "s/t"
  3. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - "Unkerich" From Dolores
  4. Knut - "Calamity" From Wonder
  5. The Austerity Program - "Song 27" From Backsliders and Apostates Will Burn
  6. Pyramids With Nadja - "Another War" From Pyramids With Nadja
  7. Helms Alee - "Lionize" From Lionize/Truly 7"
  8. Hayaino Daisuki - "Ghosts of Purgatory" From The Invincible Gate Mind of the Infernal Fire Hell, or Did You Mean Hawaii Daisuki?
  9. Harvey Milk - "I Know This Is No Place For You" From A Small Turn of Human Kindness
  10. La Gritona - "Tony Alamo" From Demasiado Tonto Para Los Ninos Listos. Demasiado Listo Para Los Ninos Tontos
  11. Stephen Brodsky - "Here In Spirit" From Here's to the future
  12. Jodis - "Continents" From Secret House
  13. Nihill - "Mundus Subterreanus" From Krach
  14. Cave In - "Retina Sees Rewind" From Planets of Old
  15. Kayo Dot - "II. Whisper Ineffable" From Coyote
  16. Keelhaul - "THC for One" From Keelhaul's Triumphant Return to Obscurity
  17. Clouds - "New Bombs" From B Chuggas May Be Logging
  18. Xasthur - "UNTITLED 4/05" From 2005 Demo
  19. GridLink - "Amber Gray" From Amber Gray
  20. Greymachine - "Wasted" From Disconnected
  21. Bergraven - "Hunger" From Till Makabert Vasen
  22. Torche - "UFO" From Songs For Singles


Tephra - A Modicum of Truth [2007]

Tephra is a band from Braunschweig, Germany that has existed since the end of 2003. Before they formed Tephra, all the members played in various local bands that were musically quite diversified. (last.fm)


[2007] A Modicum of Truth

Omega Massif - Geisterstadt [2007]

Omega Massif is an instrumental post-metal band from Würzburg, Germany and were formed in 2005 by Andreas Schmittfull (guitar), Michael Melchers (guitar), Boris Bilic (bass guitar) and Christof Rath (drums). (Last.fm)

Official Website

[2007] Geisterstadt


Rogue Sounds - 2640 Demo [2009]

Thanks for Dillion from the band for the share.

Last Post on Rogue Sounds

[2009] 2640 Demo

Year Of No Light - Ausserwelt [2010]

Yet one more band started after too many Belgian beers under the sun of the ending summer of 2001, Year of No Light slightly but undoubtly started to slide down to gloomier atmospheres as the inherent chaos of Bordeaux’s caves and harshness of winter made their common work.(Last.fm)

Official Website

[2010] Ausserwelt


Telefon Tel Aviv - Immolate Yourself [2009]

Telefon Tel Aviv is a music collective based in Chicago, IL started by Josh Eustis and the late Charlie Cooper of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Official Website

[2009] Immolate Yourself


Rogue Sounds - Transmission [2010]

Thanks to Dillon from the band for the mail.

The Orange County-based Instrumental Rock Band “Rogue Sounds” was originally a 2-piece, formed in the summer of 2008 by Dillon Giedt and Justin Whisler. They recorded a 2-song demo shortly after their creation, but it was never released. (band myspace)


[2010] Transmission

  1. Decibel
  2. Virtue
  3. Vice
  4. Transmission



Inachus - Inachus EP

Thanks to Hawk Moon Records for the mail.

Inachus is the solo project of the bass player of Oceanus as a way of getting ideas down onto tape - some of which may be incorporated into Oceanus material. Rob cannot sing for jacksy, so it is likely the music will be on the whole instrumental unless he ropes in the vocal chords of colleagues. (Last.fm)

Hawk Moon Records
[2010] Inachus EP


Stephen Brodsky - Here's to the Future [2010]

In addition to being the lead singer and guitarist of Cave In, Stephen Brodsky is also an accomplished singer/songwriter, solo artist, and member of several side projects. (last.fm)

Hydra Head Records


[2010] Here's to the Future


Melvins/Isis Split [2010]

1. Pig House (Alt version)
2. I'll Finish You Off (Alt version)

3. Way Through Woven Bracelets
4. The Pliable Foe


Yat-Kha - tuva.rock [2003]

Yat-Kha is a band from Tuva, led by vocalist/guitarist Albert Kuvezin. Their music is a mixture of Tuvan traditional music and rock, featuring Kuvezin's distinctive kargyraa throat singing style, the kanzat kargyraa. (wiki)

Official Website

[2003] Tuva Rock


Jakob - Solace [2006]

Jakob is a New Zealand post-rock band, based in Napier, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. The band consists of guitarist Jeff Boyle; bassist Maurice Beckett; and drummer Jason Johnston.

Official Website

[2006] Solace



Junoon - Azadi + Parvaaz

Junoon is a sufi rock band from Lahore, Pakistan, formed in 1990. The band is directed by founder, guitarist and songwriter Salman Ahmad, who was soon joined by keyboardist Nusrat Hussain and vocalist Ali Azmat.

Official Website

[1997] Azadi


Knut - Wonder [2010]

Knut is a Sludge metal/post-hardcore band from Geneva, Switzerland that formed in 1994.


[2010] Wonder


The Austerity Program - Backsliders and Apostates will Burn EP [2010]

The Austerity Program is two people from New York City and their drum machine. Thad Calabrese plays bass and Justin Foley sings and plays guitar.

Official Website

[2010] Backsliders and Apostates will Burn EP


Carbon Based Lifeforms - Interloper [2010]

Carbon Based Lifeforms is an ambient electronic music group made up of Johannes Hedberg and Daniel Segerstad (né Ringström), in Gothenburg, Sweden. (Wiki)

Official Website

[2010] Interloper

01 Interloper
02 Right Where It Ends
03 Central Plain
04 Supersede
05 Init
06 Euphotic
07 Frog
08 M
09 20 Minutes
10 Polyrytmi

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FCL2IL50


Ayurveda - H.Luminous [2010]

Ayurveda, the band, is a five-member group based in Ithaca, New York. Their sound, as it exists on their debut album Being, is heavy rock music with psychedelic influence.

From the website:

H. luminous is a concept album, regarding the evolution of the species Homo sapien into Homo luminous, a mentally enlightened being. It follows a character through his personal transformation with the help of characters from ancient Mayan mythology. The album features 8 tracks, laid out in a flowing sequence, and listens as one entire piece. It is our most ambitious, artistic, and raw work to date.


Review on H.Luminous
[2010] H.Luminous

1. Serpent & Shaman
2. Xibalba
3. First Vision
4. The Channeling
5. Quetzalcoatl
6. Rebirth
7. Homo Luminous
8. Starchild

Mp3: http://www.mediafire.com/?uldz13xjq1a
ALAC: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=0I5TW2YW



Melt-Banana - Lite Live Ver 0.0 [2009]

Melt-Banana is a Japanese noise rock band that is known for playing extremely fast noise music mixed with experimental electronica. They have worked with artists as diverse as Merzbow, John Zorn, Mike Patton, and Discordance Axis.(Wikipedia)

Official Website

[2009] Melt-Banana Lite Live Ver 0.0

Eric Copeland - Hermaphrodite [2007]

Eric Copeland is an experimental musician based in New York. He is a core member of Black Dice and forms half of the duo Terrestrial Tones with Animal Collective's Avey Tare. (Wikipedia)

[2007] Hermaphrodite

Virus - The Black Flux [2008]

Virus is a Norwegian avant-garde jazz rock band signed to Jester Records. It was formed in 2000 by Carl-Michael Eide. The band is considered as a continuation of his previous band Ved Buens Ende because of similar musical elements and an avant garde form of unusual experimentation, although the band has its own characteristic sound. (Wikipedia)


[2008] The Black Flux


DeVotchka - How It Ends [2004]

DeVotchKa is a four-piece multi-instrumental and vocal ensemble that fuses Romani, Greek, Slavic, Bolero, Mariachi music with American punk and folk roots.

Official Website


The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band - The Wages [2010]

Genre: Rural Blues

The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band is a 3-piece American roots blues band from the Indianapolis area with the Reverend Peyton on acoustic guitar and dobro, the Reverend’s brother Jayme Peyton on the drum kit, and the Reverend’s wife Breezy on washboard.

Official Website


[2010] The Wages
Track List:
  1. Born Bred Corn Fed
  2. Redbuds
  3. Clap Your Hands
  4. Sure Feels Like Rain
  5. Everything's Raising
  6. What Go Around Come Around
  7. Sugar Creek
  8. In A Holler Over There
  9. That Train Song
  10. Lick Creek Road
  11. Ft. Wayne Zoo
  12. Just Getting By
  13. Two Bottles Of Wine
  14. Miss Sarah
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?myhmvkzqzdi

Music Video for "Clap Your Hands"


Pie are Squared

Thanks to Mohammed from the band for the mail.

Pie are Squared is experimental/post-rock band from egypt. Check out the their debut E.P in band camp.