Evil Needle - Cirrostratus [2011]

Thanks to Florian 'Evil Needle' for the mail.

Evil Needle is a french beatmaker/musician whose been making music since 2001. Check out his new LP Cirrostratus. It's awesome!

[2011] Cirrosratus

Here is a teaser mix.
Cirrostratus LP Preview Mix by evilneedleprod


Buffalo Daughter - The Weapons of Math Destruction [2010]

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Buffalo Daughter is a experimental rock band from Japan affiliated with shibuya-kei in the early 1990s.

Official Website

[2010] The Weapons of Math Destruction
Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?m8hbis4cud2icxm

Miracle - Fluid Window [2011]

Miracle is a new project between Daniel O'Sullivan (Guapo, Ulver, Mothlite) and Steve Moore (Zombi).

Miracle - Fluid Window by houseanxiety


Monograph - Half Circle EP [2010]

Monograph is a post-rock band consisting Adrian Lee on Guitar, Vox, Bass and Ruben Rios on Drums.

Monograph's music eschews the traditional post-rock idea, focusing rather on low-fi melodies of guitar, soft dreamy vocals and jazzy drumming. Their album cover clearly suggests the type of music and feelings they evoke.