Koenjihyakkei - Nivraym (Re-mastered) [2001]

Country: Japan
Genre: Zeuhl

Skin Graft Records
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Koenjihyakkei, is a Japanese Zeuhl band led by Yoshida Tatsuya of Ruins fame. The band released their first (self-titled) album in 1994 with Aki Kubota from Bondage Fruit on vocals and keyboard.

[2001] Nivraym
Track List:
1. Nivraym
2. Becttem Pollt
3. Lussesoggi Zomn
4. Vissqauell
5. Mederro Passquirr
6. Axall Hasck
7. Maschtervoz
8. Gassttrumm
9. Vallczeremdoss

Link: http://lix.in/-482af5

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  1. Is this the original version or the remixed version? Thanks :]