Tommy Guerrero - Soul Food Taqueria [2003]

Country: USA
Genre: electronic, downtempo, chill

As a teen, Tommy Guerrero (born September 9, 1966 in San Francisco) was one of the prominent members of the Bones Brigade, Powell Peralta's professional skateboarding team that dominated the 1980s. After his success in the world of skateboarding, he moved on to his second passion - music. (wiki)

[2003] Soul Food Taqueria

Track List:

1. Intro Lectric Chile Goat
2. Abierto
3. Organism
4. Thank You MK
5. Tatanka
6. Interlude Train of Thought
7. It Gets Heavy - Tommy Guerrero,
8. Thin Brown Layer
9. Interlude So Many Years Ago
10. Terra Unfirma
11. Gettin It Together - Tommy Guerrero, Lyrics Born
12. Another Brother Gone
13. Broken Blood
14. Interlude and the Day Goes By
15. Lost Unfound
16. Color of Life
17. Falling Awake

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1O7R6Z3Z

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