Jürgen Müller - Science Of the Sea [1982]

In 1979, Jürgen Müller, a self-taught amateur musician studying oceanic science at the University of Kiel, travelled with a film crew to document a mission testing sea-water toxicity a few kilometres offshore in the North Sea. As ever, necessity was the mother of invention, and the experience proved so memorable that he was impelled to create a soundtrack to the footage and his own recollections using some electronic equipment borrowed from friends and a local school. (last.fm)

[1982] Science Of the Sea


  1. Where has this been all these years? Like finding a strange ornament buried in sand, or a fossil on the bottom of the ocean. Diggin' it deep, thanks for the link!

  2. how many parts of music have you used ?
    like Guitar, Piano

  3. I read on a blog (although can't remember which) thast this album was actualy made recently and the bio is a fake or maybe i imagined it