Farmers Market - Surfin' USSR [2008]

Country: Norway
Genre: Folk, Jazz, Experimental

The band plays a virtuoso and humorous fusion of jazz and bulgarian folk music with influences by rock, pop and oriental music on a very high technical level.

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[2008] Surfin' USSR

01. Surfin' USSR
02. Surfin' USSR pt. 2 (Top Marx From The Serf Board!)
03. Lodtschitze Mini Maritza (Ferry Cross The Mersey)
04. Anyone Who Remembers Vladiwoodstock Wasn't There!
05. Dissident Harmony Sisters Camel Call
06. To Hell And Baku
07. Traktor Tracks Across The Tundra
08. From Prussia With Love
09. Red Square Dance
10. The Dismantling Of The Soviet Onion Made Us Cry...
11. Kalashnikov Wedding
12. Steroid Train Trip
13. Meanwhile Back At The Agricultural Workers Collective
14. Ladyboy's Night At The Cultural Relativism Saloon
15. One Day, Son, All I Own Will Still Belong To The State
16. Yagoda

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?hcdl0xkym2b

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  1. Thank you for posting this record. Farmers Market is one hell of a band integrated by a group of virtuoso players. I wish you could post more items of them.