Takahiro Kido - Fleursy Music [2008]

Country: Japan
Genre: Electronica, Ambient, Classical

Takahiro Kido is a composer residing in Tokyo, Japan. He started the post-rock band Anoice as a leader & composer and have released the highly acclaimed album “Remmings” on the Important Label. His music is a blissful combination of various classical instruments - piano, violin, viola, organ and guitars etc.

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[2008] Fleursy Music
1. Y
2. Smile-Spotter Chronicle
3. Poco!
4. Milk Tea
5. You Lost What?
6. Landscape with Snow
7. Gentle Afternoon
8. Christmas Song
9. Izze
10. Good-Bye...

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?nie3ijwyyjy

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