Esoteric - Serve or Suffer [2009]

Country: US
Genre: underground hip-hop

7L & Esoteric (7LES) formed in 1992 when Esoteric (Known at the time as Seamus the God Awful) DJed a hip-hop show at a college radio station north of Boston. 7L, a DJ and producer who listened to the show, contacted Esoteric in the interest of collaborating.

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[2009] Serve or Suffer
Track List:
1. Yellow Beat
2. Shay's Rebellion
3. Shalla Bal
4. Moogie Howser, MC
5. 1989
6. Whole House Freeze
7. Hal Jordan
8. Swords to a Fistfight
9. Let the Leo Out
10. Steve Rogers
11. Silence Is Golden
12. Swing It Baby
13. Goblin's Horse Tranquilizer
14. Hero's Plight
15. Hot Punk
16. Galactus Trilogy
17. Vermont For Nothing
18. Basement B/W Comics
19. Go Ask Malice
20. Time Is Running Out
21. One Day As A Ryan, 10.4.08
22. Milk, Milk
23. Boba Fett Thrills Me Still

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?yjmmwwzjnm2

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