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Country: Germany
Genre: experimental, space rock

pandoras.box is made up of five like-minded, old friends from the sticks of Lower Bavaria. The close ties between the eclectic personalities in this group have given rise to a totally different musical slant – a sound in perpetual search of the perfect equilibrium between a collective consciousness, personal gratification and the expression of higher emotions and ineffable common ideals.

[2009] Barriers
Track List:
01. A Moderate Breeze
02. This Tenderness
03. Golden Spoon
04. Arrows & Bows
05. Next To mine
06. Dolphins & Seaquakes
07. Sight unseen
08. I don..t care
09. City Cultures
10. Chaos Back
11. You
12. Interlude
13. Virtual Sun
14. Minerals

Link: http://pandorasbox.ws/barriers

Remixes and Other: http://pandorasbox.ws/

Video clip for 2nd single "Virtual Sun"

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