New Century Classics - Natural Process [2009]

Thanks to Dana from the band for the mail.

Country: Poland
Genre: post-rock/experimental

From their MySpace:

New Century Classics was formed in may 2006 by a group of friends and refugees from various parts of the world, centered around a mutual love of good music and the desire to fill their time and their hands with as many instruments as possible. the band consists of two poles, a polish-american and a polish-canadian hybrid, and an italian who's decent at banging on things with sticks. always experimenting, new century classics is constantly acquiring new sounds and new instruments (when they can afford it).

[2009] Natural Process
Track List:

1. Post-Cards
2. Congratulate You, Where?
3. Hedgehog
4. Drift Motion
5. Sandbox Love
6. Children of an Uncertain Future
7. Seven Days
8. Buddha Pilot
9. Fish Went
10. Is
11. A Small Misunderstanding
12. Spiders in the Attic

Download: http://newcenturyclassics.bandcamp.com/

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